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Lumberjack Barbershop is incomparably more than just men’s traditions, authentic atmosphere and first-class haircuts. First of all, it is a true men’s club, an exclusive service of an elite barbershop and the gathering of real professionals who grow, develop and move only forward. Our barbers are united by one common goal – to set the highest level of quality. That is what differs us from the others. That is why Lumberjack Barbershop is honoured to be in the list of the best places in cities such as Riga, Tallinn and St. Petersburg.


Eļļa bārdai “Suavecito” Saffron, 30ml

20,00 €

Matu veidošanas pomāde “Reuzel Red”, 113gr

20,00 €

Matu Veidošanas Pomāde “Suavecito Original”, 113g

20,00 €

Mr Bear Lip Balm Mint 15ml

8,00 €

HJM shaving brush

20,00 €

Mr.Bear Beard Brew Citrus, 30ml

20,00 €

Muhle shaving set chrome metal S 091 M89 SR

145.00 €

Pomāde matu veidošanai “Corleone Sticky Stuff”, 100g

20,00 €

Vīriešu kabatas ķemme, “KENT A OT”, 113mm

6,00 €

“Uppercut” Matt Clay, 60g

20,00 €

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